The Way of the Spiritual Warrior

War is a battle with ourselves.
A true warrior’s battle is within.

The daily battle to live and know is found in worldwide symbols of shadow and light where balance is an art to be mastered.

Earth wisdom has offered a diversity of traditional medicines and practices in response to the need for subsistence and healing. Only a few were developed and survived to become powerful tools.

One of these is the internal martial art system of Baguazhang, a Taoist and Buddhist based practice for aligning, and healing the mental, material and spiritual bodies through a higher consciousness. It is one of the greatest tools to find balance in the war inside and out.

The conjunction of truth, beauty, equanimity, health and consciousness are qualities a spiritual warrior seeks to achieve.

This site is dedicated to the teaching of the internal martial arts practice of Baguazahang, as a medicine that shows how to self heal and honor ones higher being in the current world.


Video by Zen Cohen