Isuini Martial Healing Arts

isuini-150logo deer wolf Isu (deer) Ini (inner spirit/heart) means deer’s heart in the Mixteca language of Mexico. The Isuini logo is half wolf half deer and represents the meaning of the Yin Yang as earth wisdom. The wolf hunts the deer and the deer eats the moss from the bones of wolves. In this way their energies are connected through a life-death-life-death cycle where ultimately they are but one essence.

According to Mexican Traditional Medicine the deer is a powerful life force that represents the humanity’s first foods, first medicines, and a higher truth to live by. For many native nations, the hunter of the deer’s spirit is a warrior of higher consciousness. The warrior, like the hunting wolf, creates a dialogue with their counterpart.
Spiritual warriors constantly battle their shadows in order to become vessels for their light. Conversely, in their quest to embody complete balance, they are in a constant battle to understand the darkness their light creates. The medicine route of native wisdom is, in fact, the spirit of martial arts.

The website font, Viko, comes from Diego Mier y Teran’s typographic design based on the Mixteca Codexes. Please click here to learn more about his beautiful study.


About Yunuen Rhi M.A.

Yunuen, founder of Isuini, is a martial and performance artist, independent researcher and healer. Her roots are in Mexico, the United States, and Korea.

She started training in Baguazhang and healing arts in Beijing, China in 2008 and in 2010 was initiated into the 6th generation of the lineage by her Master, Liu Xuyang with whom she trained until 2014. Yunuen is continuously elevating her skills and since 2015, she has been under intensive training with Li Baohua (holder of the 4th generation Magui Bagua lineage) in Japan.

In addition to Bagua, she is trained in multiple healing methods. The convergence of diverse healing techniques for mind, body, and spirit round out Yunuen’s understanding of the body’s holistic functioning in our societies. She has cultivated herself in the art of native medicine ways of North America. She learned Tuina massage as part of her Bagua practice training and has a master level in Usui Reiki. She was certified in Taoist stomach massage and Fire Therapy in Beijing. Her experience as a Registered Dental Assistant, as well as her advanced training in Logotherapy and Family Constellations give her a strong base in Western medicine and psychology from which to translate Eastern and native healing systems to the West.

Yunuen’s performance art practice, and her anthropology graduate research in native epistemologies and borders, inform the pedagogy of her teachings and the quality of her therapies.

She shares her practice with artists, activists, and the community at large since 2011 through workshops in Mexico, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Cyprus.

Please contact Yunuen for specialized personal and group training and/or healing sessions.