Baguazhang Practice

Baguazhang is an internal martial art that unites the mind spirit and the full body in movement training for elevated combat and self-healing. It trains how to strengthen blood and Qi and therefore how to keep the body in balance.

The power of the practice stems from ancient principles that date back 2000 years when Bodhi Dharma arrived to China. It is common that high arts and body, spirit and mind knowledge were harnessed by monks and nuns. In ancient Mexico,  both sages and nobles such as the Princess Malintzin Tenepal, were trained in martial warfare strategy, spirit practices, among other high order knowledge.

The objective of this practice is to become an autonomous expansive being balanced and fully conscious in our body. Emptiness, self-autonomy, self-healing and self-defense are some of the goal states to be reached.


Bagua as a martial arts, teaches discipline of the self and a code of honor. By uniting body, soul and spirit, is how our full being can move completely in one chosen direction with a precise intention. The focus is on battling the war within in order to reach our highest state of being.