Health Benefits of Bagua

The practice of Baguazhang is an art that promotes self-healing and longevity because it cultivates the body at its highest functioning level.

It stems from ancient Taoist and Buddhist body philosophy and works in a way that is drastically different than modern exercise.

-It is holistic in that it works on everything internal and external at the same time and does not create a program for the isolated exercise of one body structure or organ.

-The practice only requires you and no other elements and is done outdoors in almost any weather.

-It encourages practice in the early morning when the organs are rested as opposed to the evenings, when the body is depleted by stress and work.

-The focus is on fortifying tendons and bones not muscles.

-It works from within the spine out and not from the extremities in.

-It finds quickness in slow moves and thus prevents injury and promotes elevated breathing practices.

Through consistent practice, Bagua restores the flow of Qi and cleans the body’s blood. It rejuvenates, removes blockages, and thus can keep mental and physical illness from starting or settling in.

Famous Chinese people who lived for a century or more were most likely Taoists.