Practicing Autonomy: Martial Circle Walk and Voice Harmonics

Date(s) - September 30 2017 - October 1 2017
9:30 am - 3:00 pm

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This workshop provides a fusion of two rich and sacred practices, Baguazhang internal martial arts and Khoomei (Biphonic throat singing). Both have their origins in central Asia and are strongly influenced by Daoist vision of the cosmos.
These practices can be thought of as meditative disciplines that enhance the balance of mind, body, and all surroundings, thus allowing a profound connection to each moment of reality, be it routine or extraordinary.

About Baguazhang

Baguazhang is an internal martial art from China that applies Ying Yang philosophy to a martial body movement system. It harnesses wisdom from Daoist and Buddhist principles dating back to the founder of Shaolin Kung Fu and Zen Buddhism. Bagua, as a high conscious level martial art practice, is also a powerful tool to combat physical and emotional ailments because it teaches how to fight with the spirit.

The first half of the session provides theoretical context of Bagua and detailed instruction for five standing Daoyin (Daoist Yoga) postures for balancing the main organs and directions according to traditional Chinese medicine. The postures are a preparation for the second half of the workshop which teaches introductory Baguazhang Circle Walking, the highest form of combat for multiple opponents but most importantly a way to connect the body and mind with the spirit into to become one.

Participants will be able to start cultivating the practice immediately after the workshop and will be provided with follow up options to maintain and enhance their skills.

About harmonic singing

Biphonic singing is a buco-nasal technique in which simultaneous sounds are produced. It has been used in central Asia as a language that replicates different sounds and natural presences. It comes from shamanic and animist practices based on the knowledge that elements of nature, animals, and plants have spirit. It is a medium linked to everything and thus reinforces the idea of integration through cohabitation.

In the west, this type of singing has been used as a therapeutic technique. Harmonic resonance through vibrations mainly emitted cranially, creates communication at all levels. It activates the functions of self-healing in the bio-psychic system and reestablishes internal balance and concentration.


Saturday September 30 9:30 am-1:00pm
Sunday October 1 11:30-3:00 pm

5810 1/2 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles, California 90042


September 30
Principles of Chinese Medicine
Martial art history and Earth Wisdom
Breath work
Introduction to Biphonic singing
Chaos stance
Daoyin (Daoist Yoga) for the four directions

October 1
Bagua’s ancestors and Bagua movement philosophy
Applications of breath work.
Dantien and Qi consciousness in Biphonic singing
Introduction to Baguazhang Circle walking


Two day workshop (7 hours): $80-$130 sliding scale

One day workshop (3 hours 30min): $50-$100 sliding scale
(please mind we are two instructors coming from far away)

Early bird discount 10% off before September 26
13 Limited seats please Rsvp early.
30% off for Yunuen’s students +10% extra for early sign up

Pay pal:
Venmo @yunuen_R

Spanish to English Interpreting included

No experience necessary.
Open to anyone interested in body movement philosophy, ethnic sound exploration, psychophysics, self healing and moving meditation.

Part of the workshops will be at held at a park, as practices are done in China.

What to bring:
-Comfortable clothes and shoes

About the instructors:

First time visiting artist to LA. Anibal Sandoval is born on February 23, 1988 in Santiago de Chile. He graduated as a visual artist from the University of Chile in 2016. Since 2008 he has researched performance as a means of formulating and enhancing other realities. One of his lines of work is psychoacoustics through which he learned about Biphonic singing. He has conducted seminars in harmonic resonance and psychophysics training in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.

Yunuen Rhi, martial artist, anthropologist and healer has roots in Mexico, United States and Korea. She started training Baguazhang and healing arts in Beijing, China in 2008 and was initiated into the 6th generation of the lineage by her Master, Liu Xuyang in 2010. For the last two years she has been under intensive training with Master Li Baohua holder of the 4th generation Magui Bagua lineage in Japan. Her studies in indigenous epistemologies, borders, and her exploration in performance art inform the pedagogy of her practice. She shares Baguazhang with the community in Berlin, Mexico City, Southern California and Oaxaca since 2011.


Yunuen at
Isuini Martial Healing Arts
website: //
Mobile: (619) 840 3179

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