Hot Sea Salt Compress 

This compress is relaxing and deeply warming, easing tension in various parts of the body. It is especially good for stiff muscles and joints.

Sea salt as a non-refined salt retains its minerals and moisture making it easy to be absorbed by the body. Heated salts in compress therapy are an excellent medium to warm and penetrate affected areas, facilitating a gentle and soothing healing. Physiologically, the body uses sodium and potassium to activate motion in the joints.  External application of a salt compress helps joints and muscles relax as well as reducing inflammation for injured areas. Sea salt is so powerful that the regular use of salt compresses and certain exercises can help reset the spine to its correct position.

Ask for a salt compress as a compliment to any of the treatments I offer. I can prepare special salt compresses containing sea salt and other herbs, such as lavender for increasing relaxation and healing.