Taoist Stomach Massage

Blockages in the body are both physiological and psychosomatic. Stress and repressed emotions are often stored in the stomach.

In Chinese medicine the stomach is the main organ of the earth element. The naval as the center of our body and our nourishment connection at birth is a main focus point as it is also where all the connective tissue of fascia of the body meets.

Moving energy from this point not only helps to relieve local problems with the area but also helps to relieve whole body problems and system blockages. The Taoist Stomach Massage provides an advanced method to release toxins and blocked emotions as it works on points that have been researched for many centuries.

The effectiveness of the massage is increased through the practitioner’s gong fu level because the energy that is channeled energy is much more concentrated to be able to penetrate through blocked areas and is not retained by the blockages of the practitioner’s own body.

Comfortable clothing is recommended, only the stomach will be exposed. The stomach massage is done clothed.