Tuina Massage

Tuina as a massage incorporates Taoist and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  knowledge in order to regulate proper Qi flow in the body and to help it heal problem areas.

It has been practiced in China for 4000 years; it is therefore a precursor and base for Shiatsu, Swedish massage, and medical Thai massage.

Tui na is a descriptive term that highlights the various techniques it comprehends: “tui” means push and “na” means grasp. These specific techniques are applied to key acupoints and meridians.

Rather than it being a relaxing soft tissue massage it is has more of a medicinal purpose where specific blockages are put into focus to revitalize the energy within these places.  Furthermore, it incorporates the qi that is built through “nei gong” or internal qi work cultivated by the practitioner.

Comfortable clothing is recommended, Tuina is done clothed.